---- Family Paulus coat of arms ----

The family coat of arms as shown in the 1931 edition of the family book and on the cover of the 1966 list of descendants was the seal used by Dr jur Gottlieb Friedrich Paulus (1733 - 1803, family number 5), the chief magistrate of Schorndorf in Württemberg from 1766 - 1799. He used the seal from 1768 to 1799 with the exception of 1772. The coat of arms is described on page 63 of the family book. The cover of an appendix of the family book which appeared in 1966 also shows the family coat of arms.

The earliest use of the family coat of arms is between 1741 - 1755. The father of Dr jur Gottlieb Friedrich Paulus, Johann Eberhard Paulus bailiff and mayor of Markgröningen used the seal. Between the years 1751 - 1754, Johann Eberhard Paulus produced the book "Saal- und Lagerbuch der Stadt Marg Gröningen" which was lost during the Second World War. This 579 page historic and folkloric book also carried his seal.

Johann Eberhard Paulus' seal was improved in some insignificant details, headed by the text:


and then passed on to Gottlieb Friedrich Paulus. The coat of arms is to be found in the "Das Neue Siebmacher'sche Wappenbuch", in volume V "Bürgerliche Wappen" (Middle class coats of arms), new edition II, plate 43, Paulus II, and is described as follows:

SHIELD: in a red shield a silver rampant Griffin holding 3 silver arrows with gold arrowheads. The left arrow is held near the top in the griffin's right claw, the centre arrow is held at the bottom in the left claw.

HELMET DECORATION: rising from the helmet a blond youth dressed in red with gold buttons and a gold belt, silver collar and cuffs, silver turned up red cap, in his right hand he is holding an upright silver & gold handled sword, the left hand is on his hip.

HELMET COVER: red and silver.

The HELMET is a blue "Bügelhelm" with a neck jewel.

The direct descendants of Dr jur Gottlieb Friedrich Paulus are entitled to use this coat of arms.

The fountain in Schorndorf's market place bears the coat of arms (richly decorated) with the dates 1733 - 1803 and the signature of "GOTTLIEB FRIDERICH PAULUS HOFFRATH OBERAMTMANN ZU SCHORNDORFF". The coat of arms is also found on a glass window in the choir of the "Stadtkirche" (city church) at Lorch which was donated by Hofrat Adolf Paulus of Munich. Hofrat Adolf Paulus and other members of his family are interred there. It may also be found on the gravestones of other family members.

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