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The family association Gebhardt - Paulus - Hoffmann is a group of families who trace their lineage from the marriage of Karl Friedrich Paulus and Beate nee Hahn in 1800. Pastor Karl Friedrich Paulus (1763 - 1828) -family number 51- was the oldest son of Dr. jur Gottlieb Friedrich Paulus (1733 - 1803) -family number 5- who was the chief magistrate of Schorndorf in Württemberg (and received the honoury title of 'Hofrat', Privy Councillor) and Friederike Elisabetha nee Bilfinger.

Pastor Karl Friedrich Paulus' wife Beate nee Hahn (1778 - 1842) was the daughter of the pastor and inventor Philipp Matthäus Hahn (1739 - 1790) and the granddaughter of the pastor and educationalist Johann Friedrich Flattich (1713 - 1797). Today the many descendants of Karl Friedrich Paulus and Beate nee Hahn live in Germany, USA and Australia.

The Family Logo is the Hahn signet, which was designed by the Stuttgart company "design...und mehr" for the great Hahn Exhibition at the 'Württembergisches Landesmuseum' in 1989/90. It was then handed over to the family association and it thereby identifies us as the descendants of this highly gifted swabian genius and inventor.

Activities of the Family Association include:
Family chronicle
Family newsletter
Family gathering
Family walk
Family foundation (Maria Paulus Foundation, MPS)

Family chronicle:
Our family history, which appeared in 1931, traces the family history to 1475 and with a high degree of accuracy to 1567. It consists of two parts; the history and the list of descendants. In 1966, a supplement to the list of descendants was published. Since then, an annual listing of births, marriages and deaths is published in the annual newsletter. As it is important for us to have this information up to date, we are always pleased to receive any such information promptly. If you have any new information, please click on information and write to us. We are grateful for any information regarding accurate whereabouts, postal addresses and email addresses of relatives especially those living in America.

Family newsletter:
We endeavour to produce an annual newsletter, which is distributed to all relatives living in Germany, USA and Australia, as well as to friends, libraries and archives. In newsletter number 46, which was published in June 2005, Werner Paulus (513 363) states the most important goal for the family group (page 6): Especially in our time when inner values appear to be sacrificed to make way for questionable cultural values, it is necessary to forge closer ties based on inner values. My wish is for the younger family members to reflect on what was so important in our ancestors' lives to enable them to strive undauntedly and confidently to build up their life to a meaningful aim: to ask themselves the questions that will lead to greater enlightenment. Where do I come from? Who am I? Where am I going? "Was Du ererbt von deinen Vätern hast, erwirb es, um es zu besitzen" "The fathers' gifts that thee endow, diligence only will fully bestow" Goethe. >

Family newsletter Nr. 54, May 2013 [PDF]

Family newsletter Nr. 53, May 2012 [PDF]

Family newsletter Nr. 52, May 2011 [PDF] (mostly German, some parts in English)

Family newsletter Nr. 52, May 2011 [PDF] (mostly German, some parts in English)
Family newsletter Nr. 51, May 2010 [PDF] (mostly German, some parts in English)
Family newsletter Nr. 50, May 2009 [PDF] (mostly German, some parts in English)
Family newsletter Nr. 49, May 2008 [PDF] (mostly German, some parts in English)
Family newsletter Nr. 48, May 2007 [PDF] (in German)
Family newsletter No. 47 May 2006 [PDF] (mostly German, some parts in English)
Family newsletter No. 46 June 2005 [PDF] (mostly German, some parts in English) - click on the right symbol to download the reader software
Family newsletter No. 45 June 2004 [PDF]
Family newsletter No. 44 June 2003 [PDF]
Family newsletter No. 43 June 2002 [PDF]
Family newsletter No. 42 June 2001 (in German)
Family newsletter No. 41 June 2000 (in German)
Family newsletter No. 40 June 1999 (in German)
Family newsletter No. 39 June 1998 (in German)
Family newsletter No. 38 May 1997 (in German)

Family gathering:
This gathering has been held since 1867 usually on an annual basis. It is the most important meeting of this widely dispersed family. The 125th family gathering was held on 11 July 1999 in Kornwestheim. The next family gathering is set for Sunday 24. of June 2012 in Kornwestheim. During autumn a small gathering is generally also held and this is coupled with a ramble through the countryside.

We also offer a collection of pictures showing our family gathering in 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002. We are glad if by looking at them many relatives feel invited to come next time again or for the first time.

Family walk
In an endeavour to help bring the family's past to life, a family walk has been conducted to places of significance to our ancestors. This is usually conducted in Autumn.

The book by Rudolf Paulus called "Kurze Geschichte der Württembergischen Familie Paulus/Hoffmann" has now been published in english as "A Brief History of the Württemberg Paulus/Hoffmann Family".

It costs $AUD 20 per copy plus postage and may be ordered from:

Herb Hoffmann97 Spring Road
Hampton East 3188

Or by email at hhoffman1@vtown.com.au

Family foundation:

The Maria Paulus Foundation (MPS) is a foundation whose purpose is the "furtherance of a sound professional education for the descendants of Karl Friedrich Paulus and his wife Beate nee Hahn" family No. 51. The granting of assistance is not limited to any specific country or educational institution. Requests for assistance must be lodged with the business manager prior to the end of the current year. This may also be done by email, please click on MPS. Successful applicants will be determined on the 11th of February in the year following the application. Previous beneficiaries of the MPS, who are now in a good financial position, are requested to make a donation to the MPS. Payments or transfers should be made to the account below held by the business manager and should be annotated with MPS.

Through these activities the family group is able to make an important contribution to the strengthening of the family in our society and keeps us in step with other family groups that have similar goals.

Family Paulus coat of arms

The Salon School 1835 - 1879

Education was always a particular concern of the family and its ancestress Beate Paulus nee Hahn. This led in 1835, to the foundation of the 'Scientific Academic Institution of the brothers Paulus' in Korntal. It was a private grammar school based on Christian humanitarian values. This boarding school was relocated in 1837 from Korntal to the 'Salon' at Ludwigsburg in the district of Kornwestheim. Students graduating from the school were entitled to enter university. By 1879, the improvement in the state school system led to the closure of the well-known school. The Paulus Family had privately owned this school for 44 years. Further information and historical details may be obtained from Dr Rudolf Paulus or from his book "Kurze Geschichte der württembergischen Familie Paulus/Hoffmann" (Brief History Of The Wuerttemberg Family Paulus/Hoffmann, 2000).

"Brief History (German)" Download [PDF]

To the History belonging Family trees (German): Klick on H1, H0, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8.

The Temple Society

The Temple Society, which was established in 1861, is a religious society, which was founded by members of the family association. It is a member of the "Bund für freies Christentum" (Association for liberal Christianity) and is active in both Germany and Australia.

The Temple Society (Germany) "Tempelgesellschaft in Deutschland e.V." (TGD), Stuttgart: A circular "Warte des Tempels" is published monthly.

The Temple Society Australia (TSA), Bentleigh, Victoria: A circular "Templer Record" is published monthly.

The essence of the Temple Society and its achievements in the latter part of the 19th Century and the first half of the 20th Century can be obtained from its home page.

Further Information: Family association bank account:
Eberhard Weiss, Agnesstr. 1, 70597 Stuttgart
Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (BLZ 600 501 01) account no. 7 441 600
IBAN: DE 38 6005 0101 0007 441 600

Maria Paulus Foundation (MPS):
Dr. Julia Martin, Im Winkelrain 12 b, 72076 Tübingen
Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg (BLZ 600 501 01) account no. 7 449 902 944
IBAN: DE94 6005 0101 7449 9029 44
Donations welcome.

Contact address:
Email: mail_an@gebhardt-paulus-hoffmann.org

NB: the family numbers mentioned in the text explain the relationship of the person to Karl Friedrich and Beate Paulus.

For comments about these pages please write to the above contact address.

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"The fathers' gifts that thee endow, diligence only will fully bestow" Goethe.